Create Content Readers Care About

If you want to build engagement with prospective clients, think more about creating content they can use—even when they’re not at the point of purchase.

Here’s an example. Walla Walla University worked with us to develop useful content on lowering college debt—in both print and video.

This is information that interests more than just prospective students. It reaches anyone who is thinking about sending their child to college—thus making it relevant to a much larger target audience. It also helps prospective students see that the university is working to keep costs affordable.

The video is short and mobile-friendly—so it’s suitable for all types of digital channels.

The companion print piece is used in applications where you don’t want to have to wait for the user to do an online search. You want to hand it to them at a seminar or on campus.

Despite that it’s sometimes easy to think that a longer piece will scare off the reader, we made this piece bigger than expected. While we’re proponents of brevity, we wanted to  devote a full page to each idea to make it easy to read. The words float on a sea of color or white space—and are paired with simple but attention-getting graphics.
 This minimalist approach to design provides visual relief for the reader. It invites the reader in, and gives assurance that he or she won’t have to work too hard to digest more words.
 Make your ideas go down easily. Video—and print pieces that draw you in—are just two tools to help you do that.