Stop Wasting Time Managing Your Visual Brand

Tired of people inside the organization using the wrong logo? Or veering off the brand color recommendations? Wondering if you're pulling the most recent version of that new logo? Taking too much time to manage all of your digital assets?
You've invested in a visual brand guide, most likely, but if you're like many, you're finding that it's taking more staff time to manage than you like.
A simple, cost-effective solution is to create an online branding resource that is the single repository for your brand assets and guidelines—like this one we developed for Loma Linda University Health.
This online graphic identity guide helps them manage their visual brand by keeping everything in one location that is easily accessible by their users. It has:

  • All the logos, in various formats.
  • A guide for applying the visual brand—with examples.
  • Samples of their ad campaigns.
  • Policies.

An optional blog could also be part of the site and could provide updates for users on changes, new campaigns or education on how to deploy the brand.
This website was developed using our express website services, designed for rapid launch of a site. Get in contact with us to learn more about this service.
Time is money, and assets are an investment. A single repository website like this can save both—and preserve your branding investment by reducing waste and labor.