Create the Unexpected to Get Your Reader’s Attention

 Print isn’t dead, but boring print has always been dead. So how can print pieces be used to catch attention?
Spend the effort to create something that is:

  • Interactive. People are more prone to read something that requires their tactile involvement, like sorting through these individual cards.

  • Make it easy for your reader. We used small bite-sized messages on small cards, which aren’t as intimidating as a larger format that telegraphs “reader beware: this will take a while.” The bottom line: we want to browse a piece quickly to determine whether or not it pertains to us. Don’t give the reader a reason to toss it before they start to read.

  • Reduce, reduce, reduce. Readers are skimming more and more, so get to your point before you lose them.

  • Organize content by relevance—and make it easy to keep. Readers can select the info they want to keep, like contact information or hiring tips. And the small card sizes make it easy to slip into a purse or post on a tack board.

Originality can take an ordinary message and make it memorable. It’s all in the delivery!