Raise Your Credibility

It’s no news that having someone outside your organization speak on your behalf brings credibility to your message.
In doing this, you import the brand attributes of the person delivering the testimony. So whether it’s a patient, customer, celebrity or donor, make the effective testimonial a part of your arsenal of communication tools.
Besides deepening bonds between your organization and its advocates, testimonials have an added benefit: When people agree to speak on behalf of your company, they are taking ownership and investing in your success.

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Renown boxer Oscar De La Hoya, a generous supporter of this hospital, talks about what the hospital means to his family and his community in this short video testimonial.

A well-known community leader in Colorado talks about what this hospital means to his community.

A respected community leader and hospital board chair advocates for this hospital’s work in Colorado.

This hospital bought TV ad spots during the Olympics and used real people to tell their unique story. Pairing voice-overs with still images, this black-and-white ad was part of an ad campaign that unpacked 100 reasons to count on this community hospital.


Let a well-known local family talk about their multi-generational relationship with your business, like this community hospital did.