Raise Money

Raising money is about connecting people to causes—which requires compelling communication. Here are ways to make sure your fundraising communications do the job:

  • Is your case compelling?
  • Is it brief?
  • Does it create a clear case for the need?
  • Does it create a clear case for the potential results—in specific and personal ways?
  • Does it have a good balance between emotional appeal—and persuasive facts?
  • Is it delivered in a way that gets and holds your donor’s attention? 
  • Is it reaching the right people? 

Need some inspiration? >>

This video was part of a campaign to raise money to keep open a women’s shelter. It was designed for use on their website and with social media, and paired with their other efforts, helped them meet their goal.


Build momentum for a fundraising gala with graphics that signal an evening of fun, like this project we did for a hospital’s annual gala.

A gala can bring provide the perfect venue for delivering your story to community influencers. Don’t assume they all understand your story. Make sure that a few moments are dedicated to building an emotional connection between your company and prospective donors—like this piece does.