Nail Your Presentation

Who of us can’t recall stories of miserable, dry presentations we’ve sat through? None of us wants to be that presenter—the one that bores, that can’t be understood, that wastes the audience’s time. So how can we make our presentations shimmer?

  • Use stories.

  • Boil it down.

  • Use sophisticated visuals.

  • Use each slide to highlight a significant idea—but not give the entire case for it.

  • Use slides to show things that would take too long to tell. A chart, for example, conveys a trend in an instant.

  • Keep slides simple and spare on words.

  • More slides don’t necessarily mean your talk will go longer. By breaking the slides down to fewer messages, you’ll make it easier for the audience to focus on one idea at a time.

  • Use high contrast colors that are easy to read. No yellow on white or red on deep green, for example.

  • Squelch the impulse to use lots of different fonts—especially ones that are juvenile and unprofessional.

  • Make the connections for your listeners by explaining what data means.

  • Use familiar, simple words.

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