When to Use An Infographic

An infographic depicts information using graphics and text. If you search for “infographic” you’ll get more than 15 million results—some that are very effective and some that are explosions of bad ideas. So when should you use an infographic?

  • When your message can be illustrated (visuals and words) better than described (words only)
  • When you need to show relationships or flow of information
  • When there’s data to explain that is meaningful to your viewer
  • When you need to make something simple
  • When you have a short time to deliver a complicated message

Like any communication tool, the key to making an infographic work is clarity, great design and spare but effective use of words. In this example we produced, the infographic provides an easy instruction for a new process. It lets the viewers decide how deep to go and where to start. Do they want to know why? What? Or just how?

Have you seen any infographics that you think worked well?