Marketing Madness: Part 1—Your Digital Strategy Shouldn’t Be About Attention

Umair Haque, in his Harvard Business Review article by this title, tackles the myth that getting attention is the end goal of good digital strategies. He calls us to move from getting a client’s attention to giving attention to clients by improving their lives and wisely posits four mistakes of digital strategy:
Titillating, not educating. Getting the customer’s attention doesn’t necessarily mean it will lead to anything useful for either of you.

Making zombies, not superheroes. Move from brainwashing (which doesn’t work) to helping them.

Infecting, not connecting. Going viral may make us temporarily giddy, but relationships are really the goal.

Communicating, not elevating. Create value in your communication, rather than merely contributing to the noise.
Stay tuned for more in our series on Marketing Madness.