Four Things Every Communicator Should Know About Preventing Employee Burnout

According to The Energy Project, the way we shape our workforce often works against our business goals. Humans, they say, have four core goals at work:

  1. Physical health
  2. Emotional happiness
  3. Mental focus
  4. Spiritual purpose

Attending to these creates some rather significant improvement in employee loyalty, life satisfaction, positive energy and engagement. Read that again if you missed it. These are what every employer wants more of.
And this is where you, the communicator, can help lead your organization to a better place. The messages you create can help connect your employees to purposes greater than themselves.
Southwest Airlines understands this, as you’ll see in this video. Grab your tissues and take some time to see how masterfully they help employees connect to their purpose.
We don’t really need a study to tell us this, do we? We know, ourselves, that when we align with a cause that we care about, we experience more energy.
So here’s our challenge for you today. How much of your time as a communicator is committed to keeping your employees energized by purpose?