How to Boost Your Creativity

We know some of the enemies of creativity—fatigue, stress, long days at work. We’ve all been at the place where even the Jaws of Life couldn’t extract a creative idea from our brain.
But creativity is something anyone can nurture. According to The Energy Project, we can train our brain to be more creative by accessing the “big picture” mode. This happens when we set aside uninterrupted time that allows day dreaming rather than analytical thinking. Think exercise, drawing, music, cooking for pleasure, gardening—or any other restful hobby.
In other words, we need free space for our mind—the kind of thing some of us grew up thinking of as wasted time. We need unproductive moments where the mind is free to explore without the pressure of a deadline or a specified outcome.
The rewards of creativity are energy and great ideas. So go ahead. Schedule some time in your week to let your brain wander and see what happens.