How the Seven Most Common Story Types Can Inspire Your Brand Story

Once upon a time,” says the voice from our past, and our imagination swells.  
From our earliest childhood, we remember stories—even before we knew how they would form our own souls.
Although media has changed, the elements of a good story remain constant. To create your brand stories, consider these seven archetypes that have characterized stories throughout human history:
Overcoming the Monster
From Beowulf to modern films like Avatar, this is the story of heroism, triumph over evil and courage.
Rags to Riches
Overcoming the odds fuels hope in all of us, explaining this story line’s historic hold on the human heart.
The Quest
Think Iliad or Lord of the Rings for examples of humans seeking a goal—and overcoming obstacles on the way to victory.
Voyage and Return
Like the quest, the main character searches for something difficult to obtain and returns to tell the story.
The hardest ones to execute well, comedies allow us to laugh at our foibles and connect us to our common humanity.
Although more difficult to execute as a brand story, tragedy can inspire an audience to action (think “text messaging” PSAs).
A threat, an about-face, and the hero becomes something more despite adversity.
What human yearnings does your brand story tap into?