CMBell Company: Celebrating 19 Years of Business


Wow, we’re in our 19th year.

I can’t tell you how proud and invigorated that makes us.

What started as a dream many years ago has grown into something so much better than any of us could have imagined. So will you indulge me for a moment as I reflect on some of the things that have been important to us in building this dream?


We have chosen to surround ourselves with exceptional people—both employees and clients. I pay special homage to the early members of our team who took a chance on joining CMBell Company, which at the time was just the seed of an idea, and who have been central forces in building it into the company it is today. Equally important have been the clients who saw our potential, fueled our creative growth and inspired us to constantly reach higher. We know that every day we must earn the trust of our clients, and we find great satisfaction in the longstanding relationships this journey has yielded.

I’ve said it many times: one of the best things about building a business is picking the people you’ll get to work with every day. Is there anything better? Our team is a wonderful mix of fresh faces and experienced journeymen, left-brained and right-brained thinkers, thoughtful and visionary—each of whom are accomplished artists and professionals. We work together without drama—each person willing to help make the team and our clients successful. So our energy, instead of being sapped by internal friction, is focused on our work. This is a gift we never take for granted.

Family Business

We remain heartily committed to the value a family business brings to a community—and are inspired by some of our own clients, who have built on this idea. A family business is often centered in shared impulses, dreams and beliefs that are nurtured by each member. We all have skin in this game and our eye on the long haul more than on the immediate profits. We do not see building a business as a step along the way to our next job, but a lifetime investment. This is why we are excited to have recently had our two sons join us—each of them bringing their unique perspectives and talents to help propel our company forward.

Small businesses remain an important engine for America. It’s deeply gratifying to provide jobs to people right here in our community, exporting the fruits of their talent all over the country while allowing them to stay in this community we love so much.


But while we reflect on what we’ve learned in the past, this year is about looking forward. We have invested in new technological infrastructure and creative tools, recruited new talent and expanded our video services to meet the needs of our clients. The demand for video is exploding, and our increasingly diverse portfolio shows some of the many ways it is helping businesses deliver more powerful messages.

Life and Work Balance

We’ve never aspired to be big. Instead, we’ve pursued big ideas and worked to create a workplace where people can flourish—and where people come before profits. This is the soil out of which our company grew. For us, it has always been about creating a life first, and then a career—and fostering a workforce where people can find the life balance they need to thrive. Any growth that we pursue as a company must always fit these founding ideas.

At the end of the day, we find it exhilarating to develop creative communications that help companies we care about be more successful. For us, work is a cause. I think it shows in the work we produce.

We look forward to reaching higher this year. Thank you for meeting us here on our blog and for the role you have played in our success.

DeLona Lang Bell, President
CMBell Company