Are Your Strategic Messages Getting Buried by Urgent Departmental Requests?

“We need to market…..”
You fill in the blank. If you’re a communication professional, you hear this several times a week or more. Of course, we want our internal staff to work with us to tell the organization’s story, but this alone won’t create strategic positioning. Often, the most important messages won’t arise out of departmental requests.
A message map like this can help see how your public views you—based on your media coverage and advertising. It allows you to log messaging and link it to your strategic messages, so over time you can see what’s not getting told—or what’s getting talked about too much. It’s also an excellent way to report these activities to your board.
Managing an organization’s reputation is a constant tension between servicing inside requests and stepping outside of those to implement strategies that build your reputation in the way that you desire.
How do your messages for last quarter measure up against your reputational goals?

Download your message map