Are Your Internal Communication Emails Working?

Employee communication is gaining more attention and resourcing in companies because it plays an important role in both employee engagement and alignment. A central tool of this is using email to convey the strategies, successes and goals which help people do their jobs better.
Email is a highly targeted tool that can provide metrics that help you see what messages are getting viewed and by whom, and because of this, should be a central part of every company’s communication strategy.
But should your internal e-letters be judged by the same metrics as external e-letters? What kind of results should you be getting from your internal communication e-letters and campaigns?
In this helpful infographic by Newsweaver, you can see some national benchmark metrics for open and click rates specifically targeted to internal communications.
We’re seeing real success with our clients in using this as a tool to build culture, engagement and alignment. Where are you seeing this used well?