Gallup Study Shows Employees Don’t Believe in Their Company’s Values

Only 27% of employees strongly agree that they believe in their organization’s values, according to a Gallup study—identifying a gap between how leaders describe their values and what employees feel about them.
This is alarming, given that alignment around values can be an important indicator of productivity and engagement.

Communicators play an important role in this, and have the power to move the needle on these perceptions. Here are four steps you can take to do so:

  1. Measure employee perceptions of culture and values.
  2. See that leadership understands any gaps between your company values and employee perceptions.
  3. Influence policies and behaviors that deliver messages consistent with your values.
  4. Reinforce values with effective, on-going communications about your values.

If, for example, taking good care of employees is an important value—but employees consistently experience poor working conditions, poor leadership and inadequate resources, the employee experience will trump any communication about the values.
Communication is more than words and images. That’s why today’s communicator needs to be at the table to help address not only perceptions, but realities.