How Communication Can Build a Values-Driven Culture

How Communication Can Build a Values-Driven Culture

There’s no better way to bring your mission and values off your walls and into your halls than by showing your leaders and employees walking the talk.

And there’s no better communication tool than video to build a values-driven culture. Video can capture symbolic moments in which people bring values to life in authentic ways—and spread the role-modeling throughout the organization.
The video above is just one example. One of our clients showed up in force at the California International Marathon, and we captured footage of the president and many employees participating—to help spread the idea that they’re taking their own health seriously. The video is one in a series developed as part of an internal communication strategy to deliver signature messages about the culture they’re building.

7 Ideas You Can Use to Bring Your Values to Life

Not sure where to begin? Here are seven ideas to start you thinking about how this could look in your company.

  1. Innovation: Capture stories of employees and leaders innovating throughout your organization.

  2. Service: Showcase real customers telling real stories of outstanding service.

  3. Respect: Interview employees talking about what respect looks like in their daily work.

  4. Compassion: Feature stories that show—don’t tell—what it looks like to bring compassion to your work.

  5. Eco-friendliness: Show employees involved in eco-friendly initiatives.

  6. Integrity: Interview employees who can describe acts of integrity they’ve observed among their peers.

  7. Quality: Take your customers behind the scenes by interviewing employees who are shaping high quality scores.

Leaders have to repeatedly find ways to bring focus to their company’s values for them to become more than words on a wall. To really drive behaviors and build culture, share your best stories and capture your leaders talking about your values in personal ways.

Still wondering where to start? We can help you put together a values- and culture-building package that will get viewed and remembered.


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