8 Unexpected Ways Businesses are Experiencing the Power of Video Storytelling

We know that stories are what move the human heart. This has been true since the dawn of time, and is true for individuals as well as businesses. As humans, we are especially drawn to stories that feel true, authentic, and well-told. And when delivered with the power of music, motion, and imagery via video, a story’s impact is multiplied.

Although we know the importance of storytelling, sometimes we find businesses are hesitant to tell their story. It can be difficult to put something we are so close to into words. It rarely is as urgent as the crisis of the day. Or perhaps it feels like our story is not good enough.

But often, we see that our clients experience value far beyond what they anticipated when they invest in a video that tells their story—and they are pleasantly surprised to find their investment paying off in unexpected ways like these:

  1. A story can shift the conversation to something energizing for the brand—maybe even providing a “tone” reset for the organization. Perhaps they were embroiled in controversy, bad news, or hard times—all “depleting” messages that make the lives of employees heavier and take the wind out of an organization’s sails.

  2. The process of telling one's story helps clarify it internally. Committing essential truths and ideas to words makes a business commit to vital internal conversations, and they are often surprised to emerge from the process with a clearer understanding of who they are and the why behind their work.

  3. Telling the story can bring renewal to those involved in it. By shifting their focus to the deeper purposes of the organization and the value it brings to customers, it's possible to see your business in a new light.

  4. Telling the story brings new perspective. So much of our daily work lives revolve around solving problems, and it is only when we tap into our deeper motivations and sense of purpose that we put those problems into a meaningful context. Often, rising above the challenges of the day can fuel us to face them with more energy, resolve, and a positive attitude.

  5. Story builds culture. Human behavior is heavily influenced by what we are told. The intentional work of reminding people why they are doing what they are doing reinforces the very values your organization espouses. Story is to culture what fertilizer is to the soil—an agent that promotes healthy growth.

  6. It personalizes the company. By showcasing people talking authentically about the organization’s story, it became more real, authentic, and personal—all of the things that build relationship and trust.

  7. It provides an oasis. Stories are inspiring, and when done right, can offer a pleasant and meaningful moment for today’s viewer, who is often overwhelmed with content that fails to deliver that.

  8. Stories recruit for your brand. Whether you’re looking for investors, customers, employees, or fans, nothing builds tribe like stories.

Your story may, in fact, be one of the most vital communication tools you can invest in.  Maybe now is exactly the right time to meet with your communication team to amp up your plans for making storytelling an even more central part of your strategy.


You can grow your business.