How Two of Your Company's Web Pages Could Be Hurting Your Business [and What You Can Do About It]

How Two of Your Company’s Web Pages Could Be Hurting Your Business [and What You Can Do About It]

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Why are the JOB page and the ABOUT US page so often bad on business websites?

For most, it's probably a practical reason. Once that content is developed, there's generally little reason to revisit it. It falls into that perilous category of important but not urgent, and there it languishes—missing untold opportunities to persuade, compel, and sell.

We can't count the number of company websites we've visited recently where we couldn't find a clear message about what they do or why we should chose them over their competitor. At best, they sport ABOUT US or JOB pages that feature an uninspiring list of stats but say nothing that differentiates their brand, shows their passion, or creates an emotional connection.

ABOUT US and JOB pages are important portals to your site. Often, the latter is the most visited page. Ask yourself if yours are creating a compelling reason for someone to join the company, buy from you, and go deeper into your site. 

If they aren't, set yourself apart by adding stories, arresting visuals, video, creative calls to action, and compelling content. Make these pages sing, and you’ll probably instantly surpass your competitors’ websites.


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