What Your Audience Wants More Of [And How Companies Who Understand This Will Be the Winners]


As a business, it's easy to get caught up in all the messages that we are trying to push out to our respective audiences—the selling and telling of our own story—and forget some of the most basic yearnings humans have.

On any given day, who of us would not want to hear more messages that:


Remind us of our purpose.


Help us see the good
in humans.


Make us feel appreciated, seen, and valued.


Give us reason to hope.


Offer moments of joy.


Make us laugh.

So why is so much corporate communication missing this opportunity?

Maybe it’s because the world is complex, and there is so much “information” needed to do one’s job, that we have no more resources left for “inspiration.”

Or maybe we're stuck in the mindset that if we talk enough about why people should do business with us, they will. But this mindset fails to understand viewer fatigue and how tired we are of being sold to or told how to think. No, we want to hear things that make us feel better, happier, hopeful, and more alive. 

And this is where there is such opportunity for communicators. 

Companies that know that feelings of connection precede sales have the chance to build brand loyalty in ways very few organizations are embracing. 

What examples are you seeing of corporate messaging that evokes a positive emotion—without overtly selling?

Soul connections are not often found and
are worth every bit of fight left in you to keep.
— Shannon Alder

You can grow your business

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