A Hospital’s Secret Weapon: Online Physician, Patient and Hospital Videos

Consumers increasingly use online searches to select physicians and hospitals—yet many hospitals aren’t using video to increase their chance of being found online. Video is among the most effective ways to:

  • Introduce a physician to a prospective patient
  • Tell your hospital’s unique story
  • Tell patient stories

Not only does video increase your search engine rankings, it markedly improves the value of your interaction with patients by:

  • Making physicians personable and reducing the angst associated with choosing a doctor or hospital
  • Creating a stronger emotional bond, through the use of motion, people, music and images, which moves the prospect closer to making a decision
  • Differentiating your people and facility from competitors, who often rely on poor photos, too much text and cumbersome and uninspiring physician search functions
  • Signaling your organization’s expertise through content and high-quality visuals
  • Showcasing your facility; a modern, beautiful facility is associated with quality in the consumer’s mind

At least 77% of patients search online before scheduling an appointment. And after watching an online video:

  • 39% of patients talked to friends, family or colleagues about the hospital
  • 34% contacted a hospital
  • 30% scheduled an appointment
  • 21% shared a video online

Find out how you can get found and chosen by consumers through the use of better video.

Source: Google and Compete, Hospitals Study, 2012 infographic