Atlas Product Video

How showing product quality through video builds brand

Watch the video. Now close your eyes, and imagine the same message delivered in text.

The difference in impact is immense, isn't it?

That's why video is hands-down the best medium for introducing and selling your product. Across a wide range of industries, businesses find that video will significantly increase online sales conversion rates. Not only do consumers vastly prefer watching video over reading content, but videos are more persuasive and likely to convert interest to a sale.

In this product video, we used macro lenses, intentional pacing, and carefully lit close-ups to depict the artisanal creation of the perfect cup of coffee. We chose a dark space as the canvas for the shots to allow the eye to focus completely on the product. The video invites the customer into the experience of having that perfect cup of coffee, making it easy for them to move from desire to purchase.


Mini Videos

Get the most from your video productions by creating minis for social media

High-quality products are made with high-quality tools, and nothing does the job of coffee-making like a La Marzocco espresso machine.

Summer calls for cold brew + cream.


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