Executive Communication Video Package

Personal stories inspire others to get healthy

Build a culture of health by showcasing leaders modelling that behavior.

SOLUTION: In this video, a CFO speaks candidly about what prompted his health changes and how he sustained the momentum.  

And here's a key takeaway for any internal communicator: Showing a leader engaged in exercise is so much more inspiring than writing an article for your newsletter that talks about the importance of good health habits. It's far more likely to get watched and remembered, and it carries credibility when viewers know the subject.

RESULT: Although designed as an internal communication piece to inspire employees to pursue better health habits, this piece is also a great way to convey the values of the organization to external audiences. And 17,000 plays later, it’s made an impact.

Health tips video package


These popular health minis are part of a series designed to inspire viewers to live healthier lives.

This series is very efficient and affordable to produce because we can shoot as many as nine interviews in a day, then add fun graphics and music to amp up the interviews. When the budget, schedule, or location doesn't allow for extensive illustrative b-roll, graphics can spice up an otherwise simple production.

The client wanted these to be short and include closed captions so employees can watch them quickly and find encouragement to take small steps towards living better. And, of course, we test our graphics to be sure they work well on mobile phones, as well as desktop and tablet computers.

These and other internal communication videos are delivered through an app to employees.