Health System CEO Videos

Delivering high-impact message about vision through the use of video

: Inspire and foster alignment between the vision of Adventist Health and its board members and top executives.

SOLUTION: At their annual leadership retreat, set the stage for the week's work with a video that focuses on mission and vision. Use the voice of the CEO to make it personal, and the power of video to make it compelling.

RESULT: Video can provide focus for an event. In this case, leaders could enter their week of work with an engaging and memorable reminder of the end game—where the organization is headed and why their work matters.


Executive uses video to convey strategy

CHALLENGE: Help 35,000 employees, physicians, and volunteers understand and align with the organization’s strategy.

SOLUTION: Develop a series of executive video updates that help their team members understand the strategies that will help them grow.

RESULT: Employees in multiple states working 24/7 shifts can access leadership messages on strategy via video—which is more likely to be viewed than text, and also makes the message more personal.


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