Regional Health System Communication Plan Advances Employee Alignment and Helps Employees Manage Change


Faced with accelerating organizational change, a regional health system hired us to identify messages, strategies, and channels and to create content to help leaders navigate new organizational changes within their region, understand their new system-wide strategy, connect to mission and build culture.


Develop consistent language around core messages and create and execute a communication plan that includes in-person and electronic messages. Develop an on-line content repository for communicators to access resources and create a year-long plan to send regular e-letters with short videos from the region and its leaders. Make all digital communication suitable for mobile, tablets and desktop and accessible any time, any place.


The e-letters broke through the communication clutter and outperformed their industry averages for clicks by as much as eight times.

In addition, the target audience was surveyed at the conclusion of the year-long communication plan, and nine out of 10 said they

  • better understood the "why" behind their work,
  • knew more about their region's key strategies
  • learned from the best practices in their sister organizations
  • and they have a better understanding of the value of working together as a region.

All of these were among the initial goals of the project, so the survey was a way of evaluating performance against those goals.

And finally, when asked how they preferred to get information, 95% said e-letters/email (this is how the videos were distributed), 91% said in person, 67% said the company intranet.