Mission and Values Internal Communication Videos

Nothing impacts a brand like well-told stories

Move a corporation’s mission from a theoretical concept into a real-life setting.

SOLUTION: In this brand micro documentary, we get a glimpse into a hospital's unprecedented 64-hour evacuation and re-opening during one of the worst fires in the city's history. We see how one man lost his own house while choosing to save the lives of others.

A good story must have struggle, and this story depicts that struggle between duty and self-interest. Commissioned as an internal communication piece, it is also ideal for building brand among external audiences because it reveals the kind of people who make up this organization.

RESULT: A glimpse into the selfless behavior of people at that hospital makes you want to trust them with the lives of people you love.


Championing the mission

CHALLENGE: Find ways to help employees focus on mission as the “why” behind their work.

SOLUTION: In these mini monologues on mission, this organization unpacks what their mission statement really means.

RESULT: These videos offer snackable insights that draw attention to mission and help keep it before their people as they engage in the work of healthcare.


Unpacking an organization’s values

CHALLENGE: Move the values from words on a wall to ideas that encourage employees to think about how the values will look in their daily work.

SOLUTION: Offer up mini videos that unpack the why and what behind the company’s values.

RESULT: Viewers receive a reminder about the importance of the values, and are encouraged to use them as rudders for making work decisions.


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