Urgent Care Digital Campaign

Ad campaign drives business to new urgent care faster than projected 

CHALLENGE: Client needs to drive traffic to new urgent care clinic in competitive Los Angeles market. As is typically the case, the client's main hospital website has multiple messages on the home page, and would not be suited to creating a user experience that targets urgent care patients only.

SOLUTION: Develop a unforgettable campaign concept that stands out from the competition and makes it easy for urgent care patients to get the information they want—with minimal effort.

At the heart of the campaign, create a digital microsite that is singularly focused on prospective urgent care patients—without having to navigate a health care system's home page and hunt down desired content.

Showcase the beautiful, modern facility with arresting images that project quality, warmth, and competence.

Develop a strong digital presence and drive traffic to the site using digital advertising, SEO, and traditional advertising.

RESULT: After launch, clinic ran 400 patients per month above projections. After six months, digital presence rose to dominate first page of Google search results for related keywords.


You can grow your business.