Walla Walla University Alumni Association

Video storytelling deepens bonds with your audience.

CHALLENGE: This alumni association wanted to preserve the distinctive heritage of the university and rekindle bonds between alumni and the school. They believed this would lead to higher alumni engagement, which would bring a greater benefit to the school.

SOLUTION: The client wanted to create a series of video interviews with well-known faculty and staff that would reconnect alumni with some of the people who made their education memorable. Through humor, reflecting on their work with students at pivotal times in the school’s history, revealing their passions, and sharing unexpected moments in their own lives, the interviewees offered a brief interlude of inspiration and nostalgia to viewers. In addition to producing these videos, we developed a digital landing page to house them.

RESULT: Early fund-raising efforts have already raised enough money for additional videos, which will help them achieve their goal of growing this important and timeless digital asset for the school.


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