Simi Valley Hospital

What is the most compelling campaign message for women’s services?


CHALLENGE: This hospital wanted to reach their audience with a message that would position them as a hospital of choice for maternity services and discourage prospective moms from leaving the immediate area for their OB/Gyn services. In recent years, the hospital had not invested in telling the story of their women’s service line, and some residents were unaware of the increased scope and quality of their evolving services.

SOLUTION: Identify a campaign message that is true and compelling—which begins with understanding the primary motivator of the audience. In the case of pregnancy, new moms are confronting many unknowns, and that can create fear. Rather than leading with a message about competence, amenities, or quality, we led with a peace-of-mind message (“We know what to expect when you’re expecting”) and used these other points to build out the case for trust. Not only did this make for an easy-to-remember campaign landing page URL, it allayed the new mom’s fear by positioning this women’s services team as having the experience and training necessary to help them have a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

RESULT: Armed with a strong message, fresh Pinterest-worthy graphics, use of traditional and digital channels, and a campaign landing site, the hospital increased awareness of their maternity services and delivered an emotionally-compelling message to new moms in search of a healthcare partner.



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