Value Video Order Form

Nothing persuades like video. Because it is such a powerful tool for business, we offer a variety of price points for every need. 

Our Value Video is for the budget-conscious client who wants to put high quality video to work for their brand and hires us to focus only on the shooting and editing.

Clients who want a broader range of services like message development, additional graphics, custom animations, illustrations, script writing, more music options, voice talent, scheduling support, special editing techniques, logistical support, and strategy should ask about our Premium Custom Package.

Because the Value Video is designed to produce the highest quality work at the most affordable price, no substitutions or modifications of services are available.

The value video includes:

  • A 1-person interview or client-supplied narration with b-roll (secondary footage) over much of the interview/narration.
  • Four total hours on site for set up, interview, b-roll collection, and take down (budget one hour for set up and take down for interviews). Interviews and b-roll shots must occur at the same location (but can be in different rooms).
  • Editing (30-120 seconds finished product)
  • Music soundtrack
  • Title graphics, closing graphics (logo), lower thirds graphics for title of speaker if needed. 



  1. Submit form: Summarizes all elements of the project
  2. Sign and return agreement: CMBell provides estimate for client to review and sign; we book you on our schedule to reserve a time for your shoot.
  3. Client-CMBell meeting: Review project scope, shot list, and roles.
  4. Schedule shoot: Client arranges for logistics, people, props (if needed) for shoot day. 
  5. Conduct shoot: Client provides on-site personnel to obtain all releases, manage logistics, obtain permissions, and escort crew as needed.
  6. Preview video: Client receives preview of the video for review. 1 hour of changes are included in the package.
  7. Final video delivered: Yay!


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What one person will be interviewed?
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By what date is the final delivery needed?
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Please provide the address:
List three possible dates; CMBell will be onsite at designated time and will begin shooting after 30-45 minutes of set up. Must reserve 30 minutes for take down/cleanup.

Please upload any of the following you would like CMBell to use:

  • Graphic standards
  • High resolution logo
  • High resolution photos
  • High resolution video footage


If you need assistance filling out the video form, please contact:

Christian Bell