Walla Walla University Video and Animation Campaign

An inside look at a video campaign to help students navigate the complex world of financing a college education


Walla Walla University's Student Financial Services has the challenging task of helping students and families navigate the complex world of financing a college education. 

To deliver these messages, they hired us to create a series of videos—a few of which we share here.

Here are some insights from behind the scenes of their video communication strategy:

  1. Sending only information about financial aid and deadlines, without placing it in the context of the value the school brings to students, could have resulted in positioning the university as only talking about money. The client understood this and not only worked with us to create the above “master message” video, but also wove "value proposition" language into its financial aid messages to create a fuller expression of their brand.

  2. When the topic is not very exciting, it pays to add some fun. Humor appeals to all ages, and helps make a less-than-engaging topic palatable. Mixing it up with fresh visuals will help content get viewed too.

  3. Simple is best. Use ordinary language, short words, numbered lists, and other techniques that make it easy for the viewer to consume complicated content.

  4. Whiteboard videos are masterful at explaining. They can bring a fresh and fun expression to complex or less-than-exciting topics.


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