Adventist Health Southern California Region

Internal communication package helps employee alignment and provides the “Why” behind change


CHALLENGE: A regional health care system wanted to improve internal communication to help align employees around core strategies, help them adapt to a changing business model, and accelerate best-practice learning throughout the organization. Leaders wanted to be more intentional about sharing the “why” behind organizational changes, and wanted to help pivot from from a “silo” mentality to a “system” mentality, which encouraged their people to share best practices and make them a competitive advantage.

SOLUTION: We worked with their executives to develop talking points, print materials, a website, presentations, and video content to covey these messages. We helped them create consistent language and messaging and deliver them via multiple channels that could be accesses by employees any time, and from anywhere.

RESULT: At the end of the year, we surveyed employees. Nine out of 10 said they better understood the "why" behind their work, they knew more about their key strategies, they learned from the best practices in their sister organizations, and they had a better understanding of the value of working together as a region—precisely the goals of the campaign.

Based on their success, their corporate office launched a similar program system-wide.


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