Internal Communication

Communication can build culture.

Your employees are in the business of winning or losing business for you every moment of the day. Being intentional about building a culture where employees have the information and support they need to win customer loyalty can build success into its foundation. We have worked with organizations of all sizes to deliver important messages to their employees, including:

  1. Mergers, downsizing, and change

  2. Strategy activation

  3. Culture-building

  4. Leadership


Good leaders know these secrets of building culture:

  • TIRELESS TALK—Never stop talking about the attributes of your culture that are important to you.

  • TRADITIONS—Organizational lore is a powerful motivator, and is built by repeated behaviors and words.

  • COHERENCE—You can nudge a culture in a direction by aiming a bit higher than reality, but if the gap is too wide, it can create cynicism.

  • FRESH PRESENTATION—Present the aspirational qualities of your brand in fresh, easy-to-digest ways.

  • LET YOUR EMPLOYEES TALK—Instead of pushing out a corporate message, let employees tell others what it’s like to work in your organization.


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