CMBell Company and Clients Win Five Awards for Creative Work

Creative work developed by CMBell Company and our clients has received five awards from the 33rd Annual Healthcare Marketing Advertising Awards Competition—the country’s largest healthcare advertising awards competition.

We celebrate the hard work and creativity of our clients and our team in bringing together these creative projects.

Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center OB Admissions Booklet

Glendale Adventist Medical Center 110-year Anniversary Video

Adventist Health Southern California Region Brochure

Adventist Health Southern California Region Renewal Video

Adventist Health Southern California Region Success Video

Adventist Health Urgent Care - Montrose Motion Graphic Video

Simi Valley Hospital OB Campaign

Use Your Communication Tools to Celebrate Successes

Every company has a story.
And as professional communicators, one of our most significant roles is to keep the purpose of our organization in front of employees, donors, supporters and customers—and to do it in ways that inspire them. We need to be intentional about seeing that messages about cost-control, quality and other business goals do not eclipse the stories that depict the grander purpose of our institution.
In this piece, our client took the time to celebrate the successes of a shared goal—a campaign to strengthen the future of their school. We worked with them to express their message visually in the design of a piece that honors the efforts of countless volunteers, donors and employees—and furthers the narrative of the school’s worth. Successes like these inspire and fuel other successes.
Let’s be proactive about tending our organization’s narrative. How are you using your communication tools to celebrate your successes and inspire employees, volunteers and donors to work on behalf of your purpose?

Why Shouldn’t Information Be Beautiful?


A new mom has lots of questions about her delivery. To help her sort it through, this hospital has prepared some useful guides. But let’s admit it—new moms also like Pinterest. They’re more likely to read something that looks beautiful—in addition to being helpful content.
Are you giving your target audience reason to step into your content? Understanding what they already love to look at it can be a great first step.

A New Way of Thinking about Banking

When Baker Boyer, the state’s oldest bank, launched their rebranding effort, they called on us to help them introduce their team of D.S. Baker Advisors—a concept that represented an entirely new way of thinking about banking. We worked with them to produce this print piece and a video which explain how their elite team of financial consultants helps clients build financial legacies.

Could You Be Wrong About What Your Company is Actually Selling?

Health care sells peace of mind and hope—not MRIs. Coke sells a feeling. Cars sell image. Banks sell security and peace of mind. These are the deeper motivations of consumers that lie beneath the actual product decision.
We worked with Dignity Health to sell lifestyle options in this recruiting brochure and display unit. While they are selling jobs, lifestyle motivations are what drive a physician’s decision to align with an organization. They’ll consider questions like these: How will my family flourish in this location? How much satisfaction will I find with my colleagues? How will I find meaning in my career opportunities? What will my lifestyle look like if I take a career with this clinic?
It’s important to reach your audience not just with product benefits, but to address the underlying motivations they have for engaging with you.
So what are you selling?

Dignity Health Recruiting Brochure

Dignity Health Recruiting Brochure

Dignity Health Recruiting Display

Dignity Health Recruiting Display

Educational Advertising Awards Given to Four CMBell Company Projects

Four creative projects were selected for awards in the 30th Annual Educational Advertising Awards Competition. The Independent Colleges of Washington 60-year Anniversary Video received a Gold Award, and communication projects for the Oregon Alliance of Independent Colleges & Universities and Walla Walla University received a Silver Award and two Merit Awards. Earlier, these same projects received recognition in the 12th Annual Service Industry Awards Competition.
Congratulations to ICW, OAICU and WWU!

CMBell Company and Clients Win Three Awards for Creative Work

Creative work developed by CMBell Company and clients has received one bronze and two merit awards from the 12th Annual Service Industry Awards competition.

A bronze award was given for Walla Walla University’s Student Employment—Employer Calendar/Direct Mail.



A merit award was given for Walla Walla University’s Student Employment Kit.

A merit award was given for Independent Colleges of Washington’s 60-year anniversary video.

Approximately 1,500 entries were received in this year’s competition, which was judged by a national panel of experts. The entries were judged on creativity, quality, message effectiveness, consumer appeal, graphic design and overall impact.

CMBell Company and Clients Win Four Awards for Creative Work

Creative work developed by CMBell Company and clients has received one platinum, two gold and one honorable mention award from the MarCom Awards competition, an international marketing awards program.

A platinum award was given for Walla Walla University’s Student Employment Kit.

A gold award was given for Key Technology’s 2013 shareholder’s presentation video.

A second gold award was given for one of many videos produced for LA-based White Memorial Medical Center’s Centennial Gala Celebration program.

The honorable mention award also went to White Memorial Medical Center, for another video created for their centennial celebration that honors employees.

Judges are industry professionals who look for companies and individuals whose talents exceed a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry. More than 6,500 entries were submitted from throughout the United States, Canada and 15 other countries.

Get Noticed

We’re all overwhelmed with information, so first impressions matter. They determine whether the recipient will go deeper—or walk away.

Sometimes you have to break out of the pack to get noticed—before you can make your case. This can be done with humor, arresting graphics, interactive features or by delivering content that’s designed to be kept.

 Need some inspiration? >> 


Next time you want to create a brochure, think creatively about format. In this piece, individual cards increase engagement and deliver bite-sized messages that aren’t overwhelming—all in a package that uses novelty to pique the reader’s interest.

There’s no media buy with this print calendar, and its petite size makes it ideal for a tack board and a year-long reminder of the sponsoring organization.


This handsome centennial direct mail piece defied being thrown away, by including a gift pen and beautiful note cards featuring regional icons.

In this video designed to recruit new businesses, see how powerful words deliver a message that couldn’t be sent by words alone.

We helped a national association promote their website digitally by developing this short video that highlights the site’s benefits.

CMBell Company and Clients Win Three Awards for Creative Work

Creative work developed by CMBell Company has received two gold and one silver award from the Aster Awards competition, an international health care marketing awards program.

A gold award was given for developing the online graphic identity guide (GIG) for Loma Linda University Health. The online GIG can be seen at

A second gold award was given for a Colorado hospital’s brochure for expectant moms. It can be seen here on our blog.

The silver award went to White Memorial Medical Center, an LA-based hospital, for three videos we produced for their centennial celebration. One of the award-winning videos was produced for their 2013 Centennial Gala at the Beverly Hills Wilshire hotel.

Entries are judged by design and health care marketing professionals on creativity, design, typography, production, quality and overall effectiveness.


Great Design Matters to Women

Littleton Adventist Hospital wanted to create something that deployed design techniques that would be engaging to expecting moms. It needed to be fresh and to signal the level of quality and patient experience that the hospital delivers.
To deliver a distinctive suite of collateral, we paired illustration with photography to create a mood that evokes the tender, delicate beauty of a new life.
Whatever business you’re in, take your cues from Target and Apple. Both companies recognize that good design is a differentiating business strategy. Here's just one example from our portfolio.

Care to share others?

Littleton BirthPlace Booklet

Littleton BirthPlace Booklet

Littleton BirthPlace My Birth Day Wishes Booklet

Littleton BirthPlace My Birth Day Wishes Booklet

Littleton BirthPlace Folder

Littleton BirthPlace Folder

Littleton BirthPlace Family Education Templates

Littleton BirthPlace Family Education Templates

Create Content Readers Care About

If you want to build engagement with prospective clients, think more about creating content they can use—even when they’re not at the point of purchase.

Here’s an example. Walla Walla University worked with us to develop useful content on lowering college debt—in both print and video.

This is information that interests more than just prospective students. It reaches anyone who is thinking about sending their child to college—thus making it relevant to a much larger target audience. It also helps prospective students see that the university is working to keep costs affordable.

The video is short and mobile-friendly—so it’s suitable for all types of digital channels.

The companion print piece is used in applications where you don’t want to have to wait for the user to do an online search. You want to hand it to them at a seminar or on campus.

Despite that it’s sometimes easy to think that a longer piece will scare off the reader, we made this piece bigger than expected. While we’re proponents of brevity, we wanted to  devote a full page to each idea to make it easy to read. The words float on a sea of color or white space—and are paired with simple but attention-getting graphics.
 This minimalist approach to design provides visual relief for the reader. It invites the reader in, and gives assurance that he or she won’t have to work too hard to digest more words.
 Make your ideas go down easily. Video—and print pieces that draw you in—are just two tools to help you do that.