Design Trends: Turning French Fries into Type

Natalie Boyd’s Print article opens our eyes to new possibilities in type—not the least of which is this type made from yes, French fries. And it doesn’t stop there. Typography made from bones, bodies, bikes, fruits and vegetables and office supplies show us that there’s no limit to what’s possible in design.
Sometimes the best ideas occur when we pair completely related items. So how might these artful type treatments inspire you to look at your work today?

Source: Printmag.com

Design Trends: The Return of Hand-lettering

If you’re noticing a resurgence of hand-lettering, it’s for good cause. The design world is embracing this old technique and applying it to everything from ads to book titles.
Hand-lettering can signal all kinds of moods—from whimsical to elegant, according to Denise Bosler, and may be a response to modern digital design trends that are often sleek and business-like.
Need some inspiration? Check out her list of 25 stunning hand-lettering projects.

Article Source: Printmag.com

Image Source: SusanBurghart.com