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Four Things Every Communicator Should Know About Preventing Employee Burnout

According to The Energy Project, the way we shape our workforce often works against our business goals. Humans, they say, have four core goals at work:

  1. Physical health
  2. Emotional happiness
  3. Mental focus
  4. Spiritual purpose

Attending to these creates some rather significant improvement in employee loyalty, life satisfaction, positive energy and engagement. Read that again if you missed it. These are what every employer wants more of.
And this is where you, the communicator, can help lead your organization to a better place. The messages you create can help connect your employees to purposes greater than themselves.
Southwest Airlines understands this, as you’ll see in this video. Grab your tissues and take some time to see how masterfully they help employees connect to their purpose.
We don’t really need a study to tell us this, do we? We know, ourselves, that when we align with a cause that we care about, we experience more energy.
So here’s our challenge for you today. How much of your time as a communicator is committed to keeping your employees energized by purpose?

Why Shouldn’t Information Be Beautiful?


A new mom has lots of questions about her delivery. To help her sort it through, this hospital has prepared some useful guides. But let’s admit it—new moms also like Pinterest. They’re more likely to read something that looks beautiful—in addition to being helpful content.
Are you giving your target audience reason to step into your content? Understanding what they already love to look at it can be a great first step.

Direct Mail: Still an Important Part of Your Marketing Mix

Don’t ignore direct mail in your move towards digital messaging. Of course digital must be part of your mix, but don’t underestimate the power of print.
In the case of direct mail, people generally have to sort their mail, which means you have a chance to get their attention.
Once you’re in the reader’s hand, you have a second or two to help them decide if the message is for them—and to get them inside the piece. So think about every micro-second of the buy journey as you develop a direct mail piece.

  1. Does the cover clearly offer a promise to a problem they have—thus inviting them further into the journey?
  2. Does the overall look convey the right image? For a hospital, for example, there’s an expected dignity and credibility that telegraphs competence. This is done through color, type choice, word choices and photos.
  3. Is it easy to browse, so the reader can go right to the content that interests them?
  4. Is the call to action easy to find and clear?
  5. If they respond to the call to action, will they get what they’ve been promised? Either someone knowledgeable on the phone, or a Web page that truly offers useful information without much effort on their part. 

We’re still fans of this medium. If it’s done well, it can definitely affect people’s buying decisions.

Who Doesn’t Love a Baby Video?

We chose each element of this maternity services video—the voice, the script, the visual look, the music, the animation effects and the custom baby photos shot by our partner, Tami Wilson—to depict the extra attentiveness our client brings to their patients.
Within the first few days of posting the video on their Facebook page, it had more than 2,000 views.
What ways have you used to incorporate videos and photos into your social media strategy to increase engagement?

Use Your Company Anniversary as a Brand Refresh

Celebrating achievements are important, but corporate milestones represent an opportunity for more than just celebration. They’re a chance to roll-out your story in a fresh way—to revitalize your brand.
We worked with Simi Valley Hospital to pull together their signature messages about quality and growth, then developed a year-long plan to deliver those messages as part of their anniversary campaign—making the milestone work harder for them and getting more for their investment.

Simi Valley Hospital 50-Year Anniversary Print Ad

Simi Valley Hospital 50-Year Anniversary Print Ad

Simi Valley Hospital 50-Year Anniversary Transit Shelter Ad

Simi Valley Hospital 50-Year Anniversary Transit Shelter Ad

Simi Valley Hospital 50-Year Anniversary Banner

Simi Valley Hospital 50-Year Anniversary Banner

CMBell Company and Clients Win Three Awards for Creative Work

Creative work developed by CMBell Company has received two gold and one silver award from the Aster Awards competition, an international health care marketing awards program.

A gold award was given for developing the online graphic identity guide (GIG) for Loma Linda University Health. The online GIG can be seen at

A second gold award was given for a Colorado hospital’s brochure for expectant moms. It can be seen here on our blog.

The silver award went to White Memorial Medical Center, an LA-based hospital, for three videos we produced for their centennial celebration. One of the award-winning videos was produced for their 2013 Centennial Gala at the Beverly Hills Wilshire hotel.

Entries are judged by design and health care marketing professionals on creativity, design, typography, production, quality and overall effectiveness.


A Hospital’s Secret Weapon: Online Physician, Patient and Hospital Videos

Consumers increasingly use online searches to select physicians and hospitals—yet many hospitals aren’t using video to increase their chance of being found online. Video is among the most effective ways to:

  • Introduce a physician to a prospective patient
  • Tell your hospital’s unique story
  • Tell patient stories

Not only does video increase your search engine rankings, it markedly improves the value of your interaction with patients by:

  • Making physicians personable and reducing the angst associated with choosing a doctor or hospital
  • Creating a stronger emotional bond, through the use of motion, people, music and images, which moves the prospect closer to making a decision
  • Differentiating your people and facility from competitors, who often rely on poor photos, too much text and cumbersome and uninspiring physician search functions
  • Signaling your organization’s expertise through content and high-quality visuals
  • Showcasing your facility; a modern, beautiful facility is associated with quality in the consumer’s mind

At least 77% of patients search online before scheduling an appointment. And after watching an online video:

  • 39% of patients talked to friends, family or colleagues about the hospital
  • 34% contacted a hospital
  • 30% scheduled an appointment
  • 21% shared a video online

Find out how you can get found and chosen by consumers through the use of better video.

Source: Google and Compete, Hospitals Study, 2012 infographic