Website Makeovers To Inspire You

Website Makeovers To Inspire You

Creating a new website can easily slip into the “not today” category, and for good reasons.

It’s easy to get caught up in a flurry of worries like: What if I can’t find the right vendor? How can I be sure that I’ll get a website that helps grow our business? What if there are cost overruns? What if there are delays? What if I haven’t managed an outside web vendor before? Or where do I even begin?

Why Video is a Must-have Tool For Executives [And how you can get over your fear of being on camera]

Why Video is a Must-have Tool For Executives [And how you can get over your fear of being on camera]

Most leaders are hesitant to appear on camera—it’s normal. But a good video team can change that, making it possible for you to use this vital tool in ways you never thought possible.

Here's what a good video communication team can do for you:

Happy Mother's Day from CMBell

Ever hear someone say they are "just a mom?" We're pretty sure there's no such thing as "just a mom," and today is our chance to celebrate those who have chosen to devote their life, love and resources to the noble, important work of motherhood.

It's hard to find a line of work—or love—that has more impact on the planet than creating, nourishing, educating and inspiring another human being to reach their full potential. And while others are involved in this noble work, mothers are often the engine behind all of it.

Mother's are paid in love, so don't miss the chance today to thank a mom—yours or someone who was like a mom to you. Let them know how much the countless, selfless acts of love on your behalf mattered. 


What Ideas Are Keeping You From Your Big Opportunity?

Thinking outside the box means challenging things you’ve taken for granted. In the case of Benjamin Shine, it meant using tulle (that fabric used for tutus) and an iron to create stunning art. Such an unexpected medium—and yet so beautiful.
What ideas are locking you up and keeping you from discovering an entirely new way of looking at your work?

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Source: Creative Market

One Surefire Way to Get Employees' Attention

Want to recognize your employees for a big success? Then showcase them in some of your promotional work—it’s a sure win.

In this video, employees and physicians take center stage delivering the news that their hospital has been named among America’s Best 100 Hospitals™. It’s a good way to celebrate the achievement and recognize the people who made it possible.

Film Brings the World to Kids With Cancer

Dreams can happen—even in hospitals. Take, for example, the St. Jude Dream Adventures, where people act as tour guides to adventures around the world—and have real-time interaction with these experiences. Film can open up a whole new world for your clients.
How might you think of new ways to reach your business goals with film?