Is 2018 going to be your best year ever? [7 Tips]

With each new year, we all have the chance to draw on what we’ve learned, embrace new ideas, and build on our successes.

May we share with you some of the milestones and insights we've gained this year?


For CMBell, 2017 was a year of milestones—our 20-year anniversary, the production of a record 140 videos, the release of our signature anniversary video production, and the expansion of our digital services

These milestones, and the remarkable clients we have worked with, inspire us to enter 2018 with great optimism and excitement. We are truly seeing the power of communication to change the course of a business.

7 insights from 2017 that can help you win in 2018

As we head into the new year, we'd like to share 7 insights we've gained this year that have made a difference for our clients:

  1. Too many businesses are leaving money on the table due to a weak online presence.

  2. One vital item can cause even a great video to fail: the lack of solid distribution plan.

  3. Two essential internal communication strategies can be game-changers during mergers, layoffs, and downsizing: more listening and more congruence between actions and words.

  4. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth a million.

  5. Revealing the people behind your brand is a killer way to build brand loyalty.

  6. Powerful images aren't optional—they're a competitive edge.

  7. Using video in your internal communication strategy can be exactly what your CEO needs to drive strategy and inspire employee engagement.

See more tips below.


Too many businesses are leaving money on the table

Companies are leaving money on the table by not being fully aware of how they’re ranking and appearing on the web—and by not knowing what to do if they’re performing poorly.

If you're struggling with your digital strategy, this quick audit can show you how you're faring online—and be the first step in making 2018 the year to outperform your competitors with a stronger online presence.


One essential element can cause a great video to fail

Although video is the most powerful communication tool a business can use, producing a video is not the end game. A video must be part of a video marketing strategy, tell the right story, and get in front of the right people.

If you're not sure how to build a video marketing strategy, our popular Definitive Guide to Video Marketing makes it easier to chart your course.



Two Strategies that are easy to overlook when downsizing

In 2017 we consulted with businesses experiencing rapid change, mergers, and downsizing. While there is no way to fully ease the struggle employees face during this time, there are ways to make their experience better.

We came away with two deepened insights through this:

  • listening must be a bigger part of communication strategy,

  • and businesses must have congruence between what they say and what they do.


A video is worth a million words

We have loved bringing the power of video to businesses of all sizes this year and seeing the impact it is having—from raising money and increasing awareness to driving sales, building loyalty, and increasing web traffic.

Video is truly a game-changing communication tool that can get your company seen, heard and remembered like never before.


The best way to dispel myths about your industry

This year we worked with clients who struggled with a negative image of their industry, clients building an emerging brand, and clients who were being outsold by a competitor.

We were reminded (again) that while people are tired of being sold to, they never tire of story. And revealing the people behind the brand is often its most persuasive argument.


Great images are a competitive edge

Since today’s consumer looks at visuals before deciding to read anything about a brand, an investment in great images and design is essential.

Whether telling the story about world-class engineering, extraordinary food presentation, or the passion that inspired a business, great images helped our clients' differentiate their brands this year.


Video takes internal communication to new levels

In 2017 we developed a web page and video content for a large corporation and helped them bring video to the forefront of their internal communications for the first time.

We saw the unparalleled power of communication to clarify strategy, inspire a sense of mission, and instill the values that drive an organization. Video is truly a culture-builder!

Yes, you can make 2018 your best year ever

Every new year brings the chance to excel in new ways. We hope some of these insights will inspire you as you keep reaching for better results from your communications—and that 2018 will indeed be your best year ever!


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