Is Your Company's Online Presence Working?


For most businesses, it’s very likely that customers will interact with your company more online than in-person. It's also the case that nearly everyone searching online for your type of business won't get past the first page of Google results; and once they visit your website, they won't stick around if they can't immediately find what they are looking for.

Because of this, every business needs to ask if they are investing enough in their digital presence to attract attention, drive website traffic, and generates sales leads.

The Quick Test

How well does my business online presence rank?

If you aren’t sure how well you're doing with your online presence, here's a simple checklist that covers some of the essential areas you may be overlooking (score from 0-5):

_____  We have set up a complete Google My Business profile.

_____  Our business appears on the first page of search results for relevant searches.

_____  We have set up trustworthy measurement tools (such as Google Analytics), so we can see what kind of traffic we're receiving.

_____  We successfully use digital advertising (e.g. AdWords) to drive traffic to our website.

_____  On the first page of our website, it's obvious who we are, what we do, and what problems we can solve for our clients.

_____  We use social media effectively to drive traffic to our business. We have Facebook, Instagram and YouTube/Vimeo channels and have a content posting strategy that is working for us.

_____  We use video to effectively differentiate us from our competitors.

_____  Our website is mobile-friendly.

_____  Our web pages are visually compelling, with high-quality photos and videos that look better than our competitors.

_____  Our call to action is easy to find—and speaks to a prospective customer's need.

_____  Visitors to our website can easily find what they are looking for—with minimal clicks.

_____  We have an outbound email strategy that delivers useful content to clients and prospects.



5 points = complete
4 points = nearly complete
3 points = partial
2 points = vague, at best
1 point = non-existent
0 points = what's this?

How well did you score?



Our online-presence game is on-point. 



We're ahead of our competitors but still have room to grow. 



We're leaving many business opportunities on the table. 



Our online-presence is severely lacking, help!



The digital world is changing rapidly, but it's entirely possible to create a sustainable online presence even if you're a small business. Creating and executing a plan to improve in each of the areas above will take you a long way toward reaching your business goals.


You can grow your business.