How Video Can Help Your Company Build Trust

How Video Can Help Your Company Build Trust

Since trust is vital to successful business transactions, creating tools that build trust should be part of a company's communication strategy. 

Video is a particularly good tool for this, for several reasons:

1. It's personal. It takes the viewer inside your company and reveals the people, passion, and purpose that drives it. 

2. It hands control to your viewer. It shows, rather than tells—allowing viewers to draw their own conclusions.

3. It's real. Video offers less filtering than text does, and so it is perceived as truer. The viewer is able to see the person and place without it being filtered at the level text can be.

4. It's emotional. Because video brings images, motion, sound, and music to the experience, it far outperforms any other medium in producing an emotional experience. A viewer who is moved by your story is one step closer to choosing your business.

In the video example above, you'll see how one of our clients used video to take prospective customers inside their organization and build trust. In this case, meeting the people behind the scenes provides the assurance that residents will be cared for with respect and compassion—which is exactly what their customers want. 

The right kind of videos can be the most credible ways to deliver trust-building messages.


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