Is Video A Waste of Money?

When Is Video A Waste of Money?

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Too often companies invest in video—then don't get it in front of their intended audience.

If you have a good video distribution plan, video is an unparalleled communication tool. But if not, you're wasting money. 

Here are just a few more common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Poor web placement. Make sure it isn't buried on a remote page or presented with a link rather than a high impact visual.

  2. Poor social media placement. Know when to embed vs. link, and how to use captions to engage your followers.

  3. Not adapted for social media. Create a mini for Instagram, for example, that fits its size limit.

  4. Failure to boost content. Even a small ad buy can get you 1,000's of added views.

  5. Failure to use closed captions. Today's social media viewers often watch video without sound, so CC's are a must.

  6. Not engaging your existing (free) network. Send employees and fans links and invite them to share the video.

It's easy to think that when the video is done, the work is over. But distribution is a vital part of a video's success—and overlooking it can dramatically reduce its impact.


You can grow your business.